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Biffyish: NAKED
SexyDebG: ::gets naked::
Fumbling Sarah: =-O
Biffyish: Sarah's seen me naked ;-)
Fumbling Sarah: :-[!
Biffyish: Oh, come on
couldbesherylc: I know. :-X
Biffyish: :-[
couldbesherylc: She tells everyone. :-X
Biffyish: Shhh
couldbesherylc: :-X
Biffyish: Sher was there
couldbesherylc: I was. I was taking pictures.
SexyDebG: I wasn't there :-(
Biffyish: you need to be on Lilith Fair
couldbesherylc: Those didn't make it onto the Lilith site though.
SexyDebG: I want to be on Lilith
Biffyish: Better yet, on the lilith fair girls!
SexyDebG: ::bes on Bif and Sarah and Sher?::
couldbesherylc: As long as you're having sex with me and not ON me.
Fumbling Sarah: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Biffyish: is this like a gang bang?
Fumbling Sarah: That is so hot.
SexyDebG: I would have sex with you in aheartbeat
Fumbling Sarah: It reminds me of the time I had sex with BiF and Sheryl was watching.
Biffyish: I was just going to say that, Sarah ;-)
Fumbling Sarah: Don't tell Sheryl, but you were better than her.
Biffyish: I would never tell Sher that I was better than her
couldbesherylc: I heard that!!!!!!!
Fumbling Sarah: Now. Why didn't I invite Deborah to Lilith?
couldbesherylc: I'm so divorcing you wife.
Fumbling Sarah: You are late, Sheryl.
couldbesherylc: You knocked me up, that's why.
couldbesherylc: And I'm slow.
Biffyish: I don't know. Deb would have been great on Lilith
Fumbling Sarah: So. How in the hell did I do that?
Fumbling Sarah: I don't have a dick.
Fumbling Sarah: The three of us could have passed Deborah around backstage. :x
couldbesherylc: That would have been interesting. :-X
Fumbling Sarah: As long as we got to her before Latifah or K.D.
SexyDebG: You know... I'm YOUR bitch, Sarah
SexyDebG: But we never discussed Sher and Bif
couldbesherylc: Latifah wouldn't have gone that way. K.D....scares me.
Biffyish: Deb you were my bitch LONG before you were Sarahs
Fumbling Sarah: I am greedy, Deborah. Don't worry.
Fumbling Sarah: >:o
Fumbling Sarah: BiF and I will share you. She gets the top, I get the bottom.
Biffyish: okay, that's hot
couldbesherylc: And I take more pictures.
SexyDebG: mmmm
couldbesherylc: Why am I always left out on the fun? :'(
SexyDebG: Ok. Maybe it's time to not be straight anymore.
Fumbling Sarah: And Christian's head explodes.
SexyDebG: I mean, what?
SexyDebG: Sher you get the sides
couldbesherylc: *whistles*
Fumbling Sarah: You were straight?
couldbesherylc: Really? Sweet. That's the best part.
SexyDebG: I was straight until about 5 seconds ago
Fumbling Sarah: We should add Deborah to Lilith_fair.
Fumbling Sarah: She is the after dinner mint.
Fumbling Sarah: Does anyone want to second the vote?
Biffyish: i think debs wants to be added
Biffyish: *SECONDS*
SexyDebG: :'(I love youse guyses

Now. Can someone please remind me why I didn't invite her to Lilith? She would have been perfect.
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Funny, I just heard that song on the radio. It's already a hit!

Umm...I don't know. You had a thing against hats? That's not right...
What? Hattist? That's so sad.
*starts a pro-hats rally* Down with those who hate hats! Down with those who hate hats!
::marches around with a sign:: Hat Love, Not War! Hat Love, Not War!
Are we on the Deborah parade yet? ;)
I would have loved to have been a part of it. I mean, with all the backstage sex going on, who wouldn't? :-X
Why was I never involved in the backstage sex??? I just got the onstage variety?
Sheryl Crow. Always the voyeur ;)